Hanabi Judo Teacher and Administrator Job Opening

Hanabi Judo Teacher and Administrator Job Opening

Hanabi Judo, located near San Francisco, California is looking for judoka, preferably competitors, to train and teach. Hanabi is growing and we are hiring two positive, energetic, people who love judo, to grow with us.

Teaching at Hanabi

Our new teachers will join a veteran, international staff of instructors. There will be formal teacher training sessions. Teachers won’t be creating and teaching their own lessons but they will have input into the standardized lessons that we teach.

Teachers will:

  • Follow our written lesson plans
  • Teach in Teams with an experienced partner
  • Complete Evaluations, with co-teacher’s, after every class/activity
  • Teach judo at schools and community centers
  • Teach judo at our dojo with classes up to 30 students
  • Teach children as young as 3 and adults as old as 70
  • Teach at our Pokemon and Judo summer camp
  • Teach at Judo Birthday parties
  • Supervise “Parents’ Night Out” for children that include games, movies, pizza
  • Assist in coaching our students at tournaments
  • Assist with our local and monthly in-class tournaments
  • Assist with promotions which we offer 4 times a year

Job Requirements

Judo: Should be a black belt. Current competitors are preferred. Teaching: Should have experience teaching, especially with children.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree is preferable but some education after high school is acceptable.

Other: We are looking for a positive, energetic person who loves judo and wants to work with us to make judo grow.


  • Pay: $20/hr.
  • 20 hours a week guaranteed. More hours may be available.
  • Uniforms: sweats, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts; and judogi, both blue and white.
  • Expenses: Competition and training expenses, including travel.

For Competitors

  • We want you to win
  • We have successful international coaches who’s students have won matches at the world championships
  • We will pay for your training
  • We will plan a training and competition schedule with you
  • We are adding additional high level players
  • We have an entire judo community, built over 50 years and made up of hundreds of people, who will support you.


  • Marina Bay, Richmond, CA
  • Shared Room in two bedroom luxury condominium
  • Two swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness center
  • Private, gated community, with ponds, fountains, ducks and turtles
  • Borders on Wildlife preserve with creek and views across the Bay to San Francisco
  • $1150/month/person

Applying: Please send resume, with both professional and judo experience to dan@hanabijudo.com.

You can find more about us at www.hanabijudo.com or at facebook/hanabijudo.com or instagram @hanabi.judo


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