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American Judo

Contact Management for Your Dojo

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You have a database of people for your dojo from members, prospects, former members, trials and more! One often overlooked aspect of running a martial arts dojo is your ability to manage your contacts effectively to implement marketing strategies.In this course, we will help you with the following:
  • 1 hour per month with a live consultant 
  • Email support with rapid response time
  • Defining Your Segments
  • Frequency of Communication
  • Sending The Right Message

Once your contacts are organized properly, you will be able to communicate properly and deliver the best possible experience for more revenue.

Resources Include: 

  • CRM Recommendations - a CRM is a software that helps you run and organize your business. This is something that is a student database, scheduler, communication center and promotion tracker among other things!
  • Segment Sheet For Your Contacts - this is a document that you can implement now to track all your different dojo segments.
  • Example Flows/Automations & Messaging - once your segments have been defined, you need to have the right messaging in place. This document includes some examples of messaging you can send and the frequency.
  • 10 Tips for Communicating Effectively - a document with 10 tips on communicating effectively which is perfect for those new at making calls for their business or good reminders for seasoned people.
  • Enrollment Tracking for Key Performance Indicators - this document will track your conversion rates from prospect to trial to new student. This will allow you to see your incoming business from an analytical point to make decisions more effectively.