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American Judo

Complete Dojo Consulting Program

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Running a judo class is relatively easy right? Bow in, warm-up, work out, and bow out. Running and growing a business is a bit more complicated; and, requires a different set of skills and business systems.  The American Judo System team understands this as we are not just Black Belts and champions; but, we also have over 40 years of combined experience teaching and operating successful judo dojos.  What separates us from other consulting programs is that we are judoka and we have a proven method of success when it comes to running a judo school - no more having to take karate and other martial arts concepts and making them fit your program. All of our programs and offerings are JUDO friendly. We understand you want to focus on doing what you love and that's teaching judo. Let us help you with the business side so you can have less stress, increase your revenue, operate a professional program, attract more students, retain more students and ultimately take your business to an entirely different level. 


No different than training for a competition or coaching athletes, the American Judo System Consulting program is a systematic business approach to increasing your knowledge and understanding how to operate and run a successful dojo.


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Promotion & Rank Systems

Intro Lessons & Enrollment Systems 

Software Assistance 

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