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American Judo

Internal & External Events

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Running events at your dojo is essential for attracting new students, retaining existing students, and driving revenue for your business. In this course, we do a deep dive into the essential internal and external events that you can easily implement at your dojo. Ultimately, events help keep our current students happy and engaged, and they can also attract and drive new memberships at your school while increasing revenue and your bottom line.  If you are currently not running these types of events at your dojo today, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.  These events are fun, different, and most importantly help increase awareness of your dojo, bring people in the door, and get them to want to stay longer.  If you're looking for one thing that can impact your business today in a very positive way - it's INTERNAL & EXTERNAL EVENTS!

  • 1 hour per month with a live consultant 
  • Email support with rapid response time

How To Build Events Properly: 

  • Dojo Calendar of Events - create a calendar of events for your students and operations. Plan them out annually, quarterly and/or monthly.
  • Dojo Signage - small/easy to use templates for small signs inside your dojo to promote events.
  • Dojo TV - utilize a TV for your dojo to share information on upcoming events!
  • Facebook Events - create and utilize facebook events for your internal and external events.
  • Emails/SMS/Member App - scripts on what to say and when to say it for promoting you're events.
  • Dojo Post Class Announcements - templates and scripts for class announcements on each event

Internal Events:

  • Buddy Week / Bring A Friend Days - these are events where your current students bring a friend or family member to class.
  • In House Tournaments - these are mini-tournaments you host at your dojo for your students or other local dojos.
  • Parents Night Out - entertain your youth students while parents enjoy a night to themselves.
  • Parent/Family Workouts - invite parents and non-judo student family members on the mat for a fun class!
  • Birthday Parties - celebrate the biggest day in a child’s life with a judo twist!
  • NON-Technique Based Seminars - give back to your students and the community with these free non-judo related events.
  • Promotion Ceremonies - celebrate your student's success and growth with a promotion ceremony!

External Events:

  • Running A Booth & Parades/Group Event - attend local community events and fairs . Represent your business with professionalism and attract as many new students as possible.
  • Outside Judo/Workouts - host your classes outside. Service your students and attract new ones!
  • School Demonstration & Gym Teacher For A Day - getting into your local school system is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Check out what to do and how to do it!
  • Hosting a Party/Ceremony - throw a party/ceremony at another venue!