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American Judo

The American Judo System Monthly Membership

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Get All The Tools You Need In One Place!

This low introductory monthly rate is perfect for anyone looking to get started in judo. Gain access to top level coaching and bi-weekly live sessions.

    Gain Complete Access

    Let American Judo be your virtual dojo! The more time you spend thinking, studying, and doing judo the better you'll get. Start raising your judo IQ by studying any of our encyclopedias and joining our live classes to ask your judo questions directly to Jimmy and Travis!

    • Access to live Judo Classes

      Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens hold two classes a month where members get to ask questions directly to Jimmy and Travis.

    • Complete Access

      Access to over 1,000 videos to help you develop your judo. Live classes are also uploaded for you to review as much as you like.

    • New Uploads

      American Judo will be up dated with new videos every month. There will always be something new to learn or develop for members.

    Join Our Community Today

    The American Judo System has a proven track record of helping athletes develop faster and win more matches at the highest level. The American Judo system is not just for athletes. It's for coaches and parents alike. If you're looking to learn judo or help someone learn judo and improve faster. You have to join the American Judo System.


      "Down up down, down up down … it’s becoming a mantra !!!! trying to coordinate it with the foot placement !!! So many details that i never pay attention to, that will take my Ippon Seoi to a new level. Thanks a Lot sensei."


      "The day after watching this I was FINALLY able to hit a Ippon Seoi Nage in randori. I also used the lapel grip break twice against my instructor. Thanks so much for offering this at a reasonable price."


      "Just wanted to say that your Hiza Guruma variant is the most successful throw for me yet in randori. Maybe it is because I’m a low rank and they don’t anticipate it, but it has worked against black belts."