2023 Junior World Championships

2023 Junior World Championships

Check Out The Full Recap From Odivelas, Portugal

The Junior World Championships is always a very important event in the world of judo. This event is where we begin to see the ascension of the many young stars and their place in the future of judo. Junior Worlds is the first step in the journey of any high-level judoka, they are the future of the sport.

At this level of competition the level of diversity among the competitors in the final block was outstanding. Almost half of the countries engaged here were represented in those final blocks. Judo is developing in all directions and the gap is closing between the delegations who are showing great professionalism, increasingly. 

Check out the full results from the conclusion of the event down below!

2023 Odivelas Junior World Championships Medal Count

  1. Japan - 9 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze
  2. Azerbaijan - 1 Gold, 2 Silver
  3. Italy - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
  4. Georgia - 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Mens Divisions


  1. Yamato Fukuda (JPN)
  2. Nizami Imranov (AZE)
  3. Youssry Samy (EGY)
  4. Talgat Orynbassar (KAZ)


  1. Yamato Fukuda (JPN)
  2. Eran Fiks (ISR)
  3. Zhanarys Rakhmetkali (KAZ)
  4. Keita Hadano (JPN)


  1. Vusal Galandarzade (AZE)
  2. Jack Yonezuka (USA)
  3. Abubakr Sherov (TJK)
  4. Mouhammad Gazaloev (BEL)


  1. Kaito Amano (JPN)
  2. Aleksandre Loladze (GEO)
  3. Timur Arbuzov (AIN)
  4. Naoto Izawa (JPN)


  1. Komei Kawabata (JPN)
  2. Vugar Talibov (AZE)
  3. Maksims Duinovs (LAT)
  4. Aaron Santamaria Rodriguez (ESP)


  1. Dota Arai (JPN)
  2. Rustam Shorakhmatov (UZB)
  3. Andzhei Pavliukov (AIN)
  4. Joes Schell (NED)


  1. Shalva Gureshidze (GEO)
  2. Ibrahim Tataroglu (TUR)
  3. Munir Ertug (TUR)
  4. Giannis Antoniou (CYP)

Womens Division


  1. Kano Miyaki (JPN)
  2. Sila Ersin (TUR)
  3. Asia Avanzato (ITA)
  4. Kristina Dudina (AIN)


  1. Rin Kamiya (JPN)
  2. Giulia Carna (ITA)
  3. Micaela Sciacovelli (ITA)
  4. Lea Beres (FRA)


  1. Veronica Toniolo (ITA)
  2. Riko Honda (JPN)
  3. Julie Beurskens (NED)
  4. Beatriz Comanche (BRA)


  1. Melkia Auchecorne (FRA)
  2. Mizuki Takai (JPN)
  3. Nina Simic (CRO)


  1. Mayu Honda (JPN)
  2. Kaillany Cardoso (BRA)
  3. Elena Dengg (AUT)
  4. Kaja Schuster (SLO)


  1. Minju Kim (KOR)
  2. Lieke Derks (NED)
  3. Brenda Olaya (COL)
  4. Ilana Bouvier (FRA)


  1. Mao Arai (JPN)
  2. Miki Mukunoki (JPN)
  3. Hyeonji Lee (KOR)
  4. Katia Alves (BRA)

It is clear that the future of judo is bright. These competing juniors have their eyes set on the Olympic games in 2028. Remember the names of each medalist from the Junior Worlds. We will be talking about them much more often as they prepare to enter the deep end of the World Judo Tour.

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