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Project Gold Training Camps

Project Gold is a 501 C3 Non Profit that focuses on helping judoka improve their winning percentage. Project Gold is led by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens. Athletes & Coaches who attend camps will be able to learn a systematic approach to training which will lead to athletes winning more matches. Join us for our next camp by clicking the link below.

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Join A Team

Athletes and coaches are encouraged to work together so that everyone benefits from the camps.

Learn How To Win

Winning is a habit. Through Project Gold Camps athletes will learn how to push themselves further than they thought possible. While picking up new skills.

Professional Coaching

All of our coaches are professionally trained and have either competed at the highest level of judo or coached at the highest level of judo.

Is Project Gold Right For You

Remember....Champions are made not born! You only get what you put into it. Project Gold looks to get commitments from coaches and athletes alike to help give the athletes the best possible chance for success. It takes a community to win at the highest level!

For more information about our camps and how you can be apart of them please email:events@americanjudo.com