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Referee Development Program

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Referee Development Program

Your journey to become an Olympic Level Referee starts right here! Athletes, coaches, parents, and even fans can start refereeing. There are no requirements needed. Participants will go through a 3 step process. Step 1: Watch all videos, Step 2 Take online test, Step 3 take an in person practical exam at the next American Judo event.

Get Paid To Referee

Earn Money

Referees at all American Judo events are professionals. We understand that as a referee you dedicate your time and energy to perfect your craft.  Our Judo community is very appreciative of your efforts.  All our referees are compensated generously and always and alternatively have opportunities for development and raising through the ranks.


Join the growing community of referee’s who all work together to support each other for the betterment of judo. Work your way up the ranks through our growing online community.

Continued Online Education

You will be able to join our online calls every month. Where referee’s from all over the country get together to review matches, talk about rule changes, and get clarity on what it takes for you to reach the next level.

Should you become a referee?

Do you love judo? Are you looking for a way to be more involved in the sport? Then becoming a judo referee sounds like a great opportunity! If you’re truly passionate about judo and refereeing you can even represent the United States at the Olympics as a chosen referee. Just like athletes there is an International Qualification process.

For more information about our referee program please email us