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Helping current and aspiring coaches develop into high level coaches.

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Coaching Development Program

The American Judo System Coaching Course is designed to help anyone learn the basics of judo. By going through this course you will gain insight into how Judo coaches at the highest level train and teach their athletes. Through our teaching system you will start to see all the little things that the highest level judoka do but no one ever really teaches.

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Monthly Support

Coaches who purchase a course will get monthly live calls with coaches like Steve Cohen. Coaches will be able to ask specific questions related to issues they need help with as well as just follow Steve's lesson plan for the month.

Email Support

Can’t make the live calls? No problem you will always be able to email our staff questions and get quick and detailed answers! Our mission is to help you improve your knowledge of judo so you can help develop the next Olympian.

Training Plan & Peaking

Need help developing your team for the next National Championships? Work with our coaches to help build a specific training plan that will improve your athletes judo in just a short amount of time.

Should you join our coaching program?

Remember....As coaches it’s important that we are always learning and continuing our education in the sport of judo! Judo is always evolving and we must evolve with it to help give our athletes the best shot at winning. Whether you're a coach trying to train your athlete to win a National Championships or your coach training people to better their lives. Our program has something for everyone.

For more information about our coaching program please email Steve Cohen