2023 Tbilisi Grand Slam

2023 Tbilisi Grand Slam

Over the years the Tbilisi Grand Slam has become an essential stage of the IJF World Tour

On March 25th the Tbilisi Grand Slam took place at the Olympic Sport Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia. Over the years, this event has become known to attract the best judoka in the world. At the same time Georgia has become a melting pot of champions and the influence of the Georgian style of Judo has spread around the world. Of course, the host country brought their best Judoka to compete. Georgia finished the conclusion of the event on top of the medal count. Leaving some of us to wonder if there is a secret to their success.


However, there were plenty of notable performances throughout the event. Anna-Maria Wagner made her return to the stage of a Grand Slam following a 2 year hiatus and bringing back a gold medal with her to Germany. The Chinese women also continue to gain their ground. They have yet to find consistency among the medalists but their presence is felt throughout the women categories. It continues to build the feeling that we will be seeing some Chinese women get their feet under them just in time for the Paris Olympics.

2023 Tbilisi Grand Slam Medal Count:

  1. Georgia - 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  2. Serbia - 2 Gold, 1 Silver
  3. Mongolia - 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  4. Uzbekistan - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

2023 Tbilisi Grand Slam Results:

Mens Divisions


  1. Turan Bayramov (AZE)
  2. Giorgi Sardalashvili (GEO)
  3. Magzhan Shamshadin (KAZ)
  4. Artem Lesiuk (UKR)


  1. Kubanychbek Aibek Uulu (KGZ)
  2. Baskhuu Yondonperenlei (MGL)
  3. Bogdan Iadov (UKR)
  4. Matteo Piras (ITA)


  1. Erdenebayar Batzaya (MGL)
  2. Obidkhon Nomonov (UZB)
  3. Lasha Shavdatuashvili (GEO)
  4. Salvador Cases Roca (ESP)


  1. Wachid Borchashvili (AUT)
  2. Abylaikhan Zhubanazar (KAZ)
  3. Timo Cavelius (GER)
  4. Victor Sterpu (MDA)


  1. Lasha Bekauri (GEO)
  2. Luka Maisuradze (GEO)
  3. Goki Tajima (JPN)
  4. Ivan Felipe Silva Morales (CUB)


  1. Ilia Sulamanidze (GEO)
  2. Gonchigsuren Batkhuyag (MGL)
  3. Shady Elnahas (CAN)
  4. Rafael Buzacarini (BRA)


  1. Gela Zaalishvili (GEO)
  2. Munir Ertug (TUR)
  3. Shokhrukhkhon Bakhtiyorov (UZB)
  4. Anday Granda

Womens Divisions

- 48kg

  1. Milica Nikolic (SRB)
  2. Andrea Stojadinov (SRB)
  3. Narantsetseg (MGL)
  4. Abiba Abuzhakynova (KAZ)


  1. Diyora Keldiyor (UZB)
  2. Distria Krazniqi (KOS)
  3. Gultaj Mammadaliyeva (AZE)
  4. Mascha Ballhaus (GER)


  1. Marica Perisic (SRB)
  2. Nora Gjakova (KOS)
  3. Veronica Toniolo (ITA)
  4. Jessica Klimkait (CAN)


  1. Lucy Renshall (GBR)
  2. Laura Fazliu (KOS)
  3. Katharina Haecker (AUS)
  4. Angelika Szymanska (POL)


  1. Elisavet Teltsidou (GRE)
  2. Sanne Van Dijke (NED)
  3. Giovanna Scoccimarro (GER)
  4. Martina Esposito (ITA)


  1. Anna-Maria Wagner (GER)
  2. Alice Bellandi (ITA)
  3. Inbar Lanir (ISR)
  4. Yulia Kurchenko (UKR)


  1. Raz Hershko (ISR)
  2. Xin Su (CHN)
  3. Shiyan Xu (CHN)
  4. Karen Stevenson (NED)

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