2023 Upper Austria Grand Prix

2023 Upper Austria Grand Prix

We know that all athletes had an eye on the Upper Austria Judo Grand Prix following the World Championships

The 2023 Upper Austria Grand Prix took place last weekend in Linz, Austria in the Tips Arena from May 25th through the 27th! This event is one of the newer events of the IJF World Tour and the event will count towards Olympic qualification for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. 

Following a 17 year break from the IJF World Tour, the Austrian Judo Federation is excited to welcome back the international judo scene to upper Austria. This is the first international competition following the World Judo Championships in Doha and is the second of four total Grand Prix events on the IJF World Tour for 2023!

All eyes were on the legendary Austrian native, Sabrina Filzmoser. She is a four time olympian competing at the 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020 Olympic Games! The two time World Championship bronze medalists won by ippon in the first round against Maysa Pardayeva (TKM). In the second she was eliminated from the contest however, she would be awarded her 6th Dan! Congratulations to Sabrina on an amazing career!

As always, down below you can find the full nation ranking and medal results following the conclusion of the contest!

2023 Upper Austria Grand Prix Results: 

  1. Japan - 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
  2. Germany - 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze
  3. France - 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  4. Spain - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Men’s Divisions:


  1. Romain Valadier Picard (FRA)
  2. Dilshot Khalmatov (UKR)
  3. Artem Lesiuk (UKR)
  4. Petros Christodoulides (CYP)


  1. David Garcia Torne (ESP)
  2. Kamran Suleymanov (AZE)
  3. Fabio Basile (ITA)
  4. Alberto Gaitero Martin (ESP)


  1. Tohar Butbul (ISR)
  2. Rashid Mammadaliyev (AZE)
  3. Adil Osmanov (MDA)
  4. Petru Pelivan (MDA)


  1. Shamil Borchashvili (AUT)
  2. Mykhailo Svidrak (UKR)
  3. Dimitri Gochilaidze (GEO)
  4. Zaur Dvalashvili (GEO)


  1. Krisztian Toth (HUN)
  2. Axel Clerget (FRA)
  3. Marcelo Gomes (BRA)
  4. Thomas Scharfetter (AUT)


  1. Leonardo Goncalves (BRA)
  2. Louis Mai (GER)
  3. Madsen Mathias (DEN)
  4. Mert Sismanlar (TUR)


  1. Luka Krpalek (CZE)
  2. Losseni Kone (GER)
  3. Enej Marinic (SLO)
  4. Jelle Snippe (NED)

Women's Divisions


  1. Marusa Stangar (SLO)
  2. Laura Martinez Abelenda (ESP)
  3. Francesca Milani (ITA)
  4. Tomoka Arakawa (JPN)


  1. Kisumi Omori (JPN)
  2. Roza Gyertyas (HUN)
  3. Maria Siderot (POR)
  4. Gultaj Mammadaliyeva (AZE)


  1. Pleuni Cornelisse (NED)
  2. Seija Ballhaus (GER)
  3. Daria Bilodid (UKR)
  4. Akari Omori (JPN)


  1. Momo Tatsukawa (JPN)
  2. Seiko Watanabe (JPN)
  3. Manon Deketer (FRA)
  4. Prisca Awiti Alcaraz (MEX)


  1. Maria Perez (PUR)
  2. Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR)
  3. Giovana Scoccimarro (GER)
  4. Hilde Jager (NED)


  1. Anna-Maria Wagner (GER)
  2. Madeleine Malonga (FRA)
  3. Yelyzaveta Lytvynenko (UKR)
  4. Derks Lieke (NED)


  1. Ruri Takahashi (JPN)
  2. Asya Tavano (ITA)
  3. Karen Stevenson (NED)
  4. Giovanna Santos (BRA)

The American Judo System is happy to bring you another recap of all things Judo that happen on the IJF World Tour. Looking forward to one more Grand Prix and two Grand Slams in June! See you there!

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