2024 Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge x Tournament Highlights

2024 Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge x Tournament Highlights

The 2024 Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge proved to be an exhilarating showcase of skill and sportsmanship, serving as a USA Judo National Point Tournament. Hosted across six competition areas generously provided by FUJI Mats, the event drew over 400 passionate judoka from all corners of the United States and parts of Canada. With a staggering 570 matches between Junior, Senior, and Veteran athletes, the tournament featured top-ranked competitors from both countries, making it one of the most prestigious events in the region.

Among the notable competitors were Jr World Team Member & US Judo National Champion Johan Silot Suse and Top Ranked Canadian Athlete and National Team Member Mohab Elnahas, accompanied by his teammates Keagan Young and other distinguished Canadian athletes. Their presence added to the event's competitive fervor, promising thrilling matchups and fierce rivalries.

The top 10 ranked academies/teams that participated in the event included:


  1. Pedro's Judo Center: Led by Jimmy Pedro himself, Pedro's Judo Center brought a formidable contingent of skilled and novice athletes alike, embodying the spirit of excellence and determination.
  2. DARFIGHT: Known for its rigorous training regimen and tactical prowess, DARFIGHT from New York, showcased its talent, leaving a mark on the competition with their strategic approach and technical expertise.
  3. Ki itsu sai National Training Center: As a hub for elite judo training in the United States, Ki itsu sai National Training Center from Florida fielded a strong team, demonstrating their commitment to developing top-tier athletes and fostering a culture of success.
  4. Sword Judo Sambo Club
  5. Centre Sportive Ippon
  6. Shidokan
  7. USMA / West Point Army Judo Team
  8. Top Game Martial Arts
  9. New Britain Judo and Dynamic Arts
  10. Broadway Jiu Jitsu

    Originating in the early 2000s as the Massachusetts State Championships, the Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge has evolved significantly over the years. What started with a modest participation of 100-150 athletes has now become a prominent fixture in the judo community, offering invaluable opportunities for judo enthusiasts to compete at a high level. Jimmy Pedro's vision for the event has always been clear: to provide the best competition experience for all participants, including competitors, coaches, parents, spectators, referees, and event staff.

    The seamless operations of the tournament were handled by American Judo, ensuring smooth execution from start to finish. From technology support to bracketing and customer service, every aspect was meticulously managed. Moreover, the event boasted top-level referees from across the United States, led by IJF-A Level Referee Saro Balagazeyan. With Balagazeyan overseeing 20 referees and evaluations, the tournament maintained the highest standards of officiating, ensuring fair play and integrity throughout.

    What truly sets the Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge apart is its collaborative and positive environment. Regardless of background or skill level, participants are welcomed with open arms, encouraged to compete, and supported in their growth as judo practitioners. The event fosters a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, making it not only a platform for fierce competition but also a celebration of the judo community's spirit and ethos.

    In conclusion, the 2024 Jimmy Pedro Judo Challenge was a resounding success, reflecting the passion and dedication of the judo community. With its rich history, top-tier competition, and inclusive atmosphere, the event continues to uphold its status as one of the most esteemed tournaments in the region, leaving a lasting impact on all who participate.

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