AJS March Update

AJS March Update

Excited for another month of Judo with the American Judo System

February was an exciting month for the American Judo System, we hosted four tournaments that stretched across to both coasts of the United States and the launch of the new American Judo website. We are happy to provide you with another update on what the American Judo System will be bringing to you throughout March!

On March 8th, the American Judo System will be releasing a new encyclopedia. The Juji Gatame series will provide 1 hour of content going over the fine details of of the technique.

American Judo Tournaments

As always American Judo will be hosting multiple tournaments across the United States. Starting out on the west coast in Washington, then heading to Idaho, Ohio, Brooklyn and wrapping things up in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Check out the full list below!

Live Sessions in March

Of course, the American Judo System will be hosting three live sessions in March. You do not want to miss out on the fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in Judo. No matter your level of experience, whether you are an athlete or coach, there are always valuable lessons to take away from our live sessions.

Live Session Dates

  • March 11th - Jimmy Pedro Membership Only Live Session
  • March 19th - Private Coaching Session with Steve Cohen
  • March 26th - Open Form Live with Steve Cohen & Travis Stevens

The links to an American Judo Live Session will be distributed throughout the month as we get closer to their dates.

Jimmy Pedro's Membership Only Live Session will take place at 12:00pm Eastern Time on March 11th. A link will be distributed first on March 10th and additionally on the day of the session @ 11:30am Eastern Time.

Steve Cohens Coaching Live Session will begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time on March 19th. A link will be distributed to coaches on March 18th as well as the day of 30 minutes before the 12:00pm est. start time.

To finish off the month of March, Steve Cohen and Travis Stevens will host the open format live session for anything and everything judo on March 26th @ 9:00pm eastern.

New Website

A reminder to check out the new features available following the launch of the new American Judo website in February.

New Features Include

  • New Customer Account Dashboard
  • New and improved video layout
  • Online Testing for coaches, refereeing, and belt promotions
  • New Video Search Feature

Be on the lookout for more updates on all things American Judo in March. We will continue to provide you with information related to the release of our new encyclopedia and our live sessions!

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