Recap: Rome European Open

Recap: Rome European Open

Matteo Pellicone Olympic Centre welcomed 400 athletes to the European Open in Rome

Following a three year hiatus from the Matteo Pellicone Olympic Centre in Ostia, Rome we are all pleased to be back in action for the 2023 European Open! The home country was ready to represent bringing a 65-strong team to the event. The People’s Republic of China is also continuing to build their presence on the circuit. They were present at the Warsaw European Open, Tashkent Grand Slam, and then found themselves in Rome this past weekend.

France, as always, had another strong performance garnering 11 total medals, including 3 golds. Germany finished a far second with 6 total medals, edging out the People’s Republic of China who finished with 5 total. China, again continuing to build their presence on the circuit with Yeqing Zhu (-52kg) and Xin Su (+78kg) taking home gold. 

The host country of Italy showcased a strong performance as well finishing fourth in the medal count at the conclusion of the event. Tiziano Falcone (-81kg) took home their lone gold medal and Edoardo Mella (-73kg) with the lone silver medal. In total, Italy finished with 7 medals including a stellar 5 bronze medals!

2023 Rome European Open Medal Count:

  1. France - 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 5 Bronze
  2. Germany - 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze
  3. People’s Republic of China - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
  4. Italy - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze

2023 Rome European Open Results:

Men’s Divisions


  1. Samuel Waizenegger (SUI)
  2. Lior Rafailov (ISR)
  3. Maxime Merlin (FRA)
  4. Kana Ismayilov (AZE)


  1. Charlie Young (GBR)
  2. Serdar Rahimov (TKM)
  3. Luca Caggiano (ITA)
  4. Karo Marandian (UKR)


  1. Koen Heg (NEDO
  2. Edoardo Mella (ITA)
  3. Alessandro Magnani (ITA)
  4. Lukas Reiter (AUT)


  1. Tiziano Falcone (ITA)
  2. Georgi Gramatikov (BUL)
  3. Bright Maddaloni Nosa (ITA)
  4. Adam Kopecky (CZE)


  1. Marat Kryzhanskyi (UKR)
  2. Francis Damier (FRA)
  3. Daniel Trinidad Daniel (ESP)
  4. Paul Livolsi (FRA)


  1. Asley Gonzalez (ROU)
  2. Harry Lovell-Hewitt (GBR)
  3. Boris Georgiev (BUL)
  4. Falk Petersilka (GER)


  1. Guerman Andreev (FRA)
  2. Jonas Schreiber (GER)
  3. Clement Delvert (FRA)
  4. Kacper Szczurowksi (POL)

Women’s Divisions


  1. Eva Perez Soler (ESP)
  2. Shuaixia Han (CHN)
  3. Raquel Brito (POR)
  4. Zongying Guo (CHN)


  1. Yeqing Zhu (CHN)
  2. Chloe Devictor (FRA)
  3. Martina Castagnola (ITA)
  4. Naomi Van Krevel (NED)


  1. Lou Lemire (FRA)
  2. Seija Ballhaus (GER)
  3. Martha Fawaz (FRA)
  4. Kaja Kajzer (SLO)


  1. Gaetane Deberdt (FRA)
  2. Perrine Saint Etienne (FRA)
  3. Nadiah Krachten (NED)
  4. Ljubjana Piovesana (AUT)


  1. Giovanna Scoccimarro (GER)
  2. Assmaa Niang (MAR)
  3. Irene Pedrotti (ITA)
  4. Joana Crisostomo (POR)


  1. Anna Monta Olek (GER)
  2. Raffaela Igl (GER)
  3. Oceane Zatchi Bi (FRA)
  4. Lieke Derks (NED)


  1. Xin Su (CHN)
  2. Sydnee Andrews (NZL)
  3. Carmen Dijkstra (NED)
  4. Shiyan Xu (CHN)

Rome granted us an awesome weekend of Judo. Congratulations to those who medaled. This is the American Judo System happy to bring you another update from the IJF circuit!

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