Understanding Judo Rules Through a Different Perspective

Understanding Judo Rules Through a Different Perspective

On Saturday, January 7th, American Judo in partnership with IJC Martial Arts in New York, judo coaches, athletes, and referees were invited to gain a better understanding of dynamics of a Judo match from the point of view of each role. Participants were able to appreciate the roles and responsibilities involved in a match more acutely after analyzing video content that provided challenging situations.

Participants walked away with a new level of appreciation of each others' roles and better understanding of why and how the calls are made during a match. - Saro Balagezyan

During the seminar, ran by IJF A Level Referee Saro Balagezyan, coaches and athletes discussed how important it is for them to understand the rules as well as their respective roles in order to have a successful outcome in their matches. A referee’s job is to ensure that all participants are following the rules and guidelines set for judo matches. This is done by making sure that each participant understands what is expected from them during each match. Additionally, referees must be able to recognize techniques used by participants correctly so they can make accurate calls when necessary.

Importance of communication between judo athletes & coaches

It was also emphasized how important communication between coaches and athletes are prior to matches. It was mentioned that coaches should provide guidance on how they think best suits their athlete’s style of judo so they can perform optimally during matches. Moreover, coaches should help with preparation leading up to big tournaments and during tournament days if needed. This helps athletes stay focused on their goal while being mindful of judo rules and regulations at all times.

Reviewing Judo matches on the IJF Circuit to truly understand calls and rules

The discussion concluded with participants watching videos together in order to analyze different scenarios presented by the videos which ultimately helped better understand why certain calls are made during matches. After viewing these videos, participants had more appreciation for each other’s role within a judo match as both players and referees have an important responsibility for every single match played - whether it be on or off the mat!

The experience overall was incredibly rewarding for everyone who attended as individuals left with a deeper level of understanding than before about dynamics of a Judo match from each point-of-view which in turn will help them become better players and referees alike. As we move forward into future seminars it's important that we continue taking time out of our schedules for learning opportunities like this one so we can gain greater appreciation for what others do within our sport! This will benefit not only ourselves but also our teammates, opponents, and officiating staff alike!