American Judo System FAQ

What is the American Judo System? 

It’s an all inclusive system of learning, teaching, & developing your own style of judo. The system is designed to break judo down so that you have simple and clear steps to follow that will help you win more matches and throw more people. Judo is not just about throwing. There is a lot that goes into it. The American Judo System will help you develop your movement, hand positioning, understanding of blending throws together, transitions, competition strategies and tactics to compete against any style/player. 

How do I become a member of The American Judo System? 

All memberships can be purchased right on There are a few different types of memberships available to fit your goals. You can find all of our membership by clicking here: American Judo System Memberships 

What do I get with my membership? 

Each membership type comes with different perks available to you. You can read about each one by clicking on the products themself. But for the most part each membership comes with direct access to Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens either through direct email at or through our private Facebook Group! 

How do I view Videos I have purchases or content I should have access to? 

In order to view the content that that you have purchased either digital techniques or through membership you must first create an account and be logged in to view the content. To create an account or log in just click the link: Create/Log In to Account

How do I cancel my membership? 

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the link that says Manage My Subscriptions. To review our entire membership and cancellation policy click here

What is the difference between a membership and digital technique videos I can buy online? 

Memberships will be the best way for you to improve your judo. With a monthly, yearly, or platinum membership you get access to all the content on You’ll also have access to our Private Facebook Group and Bi-Weekly live sessions to get your questions directly asked by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens. 

Purchasing digital technique videos gives you access to the technique as long as you have an account on If there is a technique you know you want to specialize in we encourage everyone to get the Yearly Membership so you have access to coaching to help you develop and purchase the Digital Technique so that you own it and never lose access.  

Can I download videos I see on 

At this time you do not  have the ability to download the content directly. We encourage everyone to log onto their accounts and view on One of the benefits to is the community that you can look to for help or clarification on techniques that you may be struggling with. So be sure to reach out anytime! 

What is the privacy policy of

The information that you share with is strictly used by and not shared with third parties in anyway. To read our policy please click here

What is the American Judo System Philosophy? 

The American Judo System is a systematic and replicable way of learning, teaching, and developing judoka with specific emphasis on a few strategies which you can read here

What are the American Judo System's Terms of Service? 

It's simple. We hope that each member follows all the guidelines found in this document. Please be respectful to other members and teach this site like it's your own dojo.