2023 Starrett Judo Cup Recap

2023 Starrett Judo Cup Recap

On Januray 15th, American Judo & Legrossports organization hosted its 30th anniversary of the Starrett Judo Cup. Over 100 competitors from all over the North East gathered to take part in this special event. With Tournament Director and Judo Olympian Parnel Legros at the helm, it was sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. This tournament was a great opportunity to have fun while challenging oneself and growing in the sport of judo.

Competitors from all levels of skill—from beginner to advanced—were invited to participate in various divisions based on age and rank. Not only were there prizes for each division's top finishers, but also for coaches who demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

American Judo worked with Legrossports to ensure that everything ran smoothly during this competition. American Judo provided assistance with registrations, bracketing, technology set up, and staffing as well as medals for each division's winners.

Thanks to this collaboration, every competitor had a chance to compete fairly in this event while having fun.

While some matches reignited some rivalries, if they didn't win gold or silver at this event, they still took away valuable knowledge which will help them become better judoka in the future.

The 30th Anniversary of the Starrett Judo Cup was a huge success thanks to American Judo & Legrossports' hard work and dedication to providing an incredible experience for all its participants!

It was amazing seeing so many competitors come together for a common cause – enjoying their time doing what they love – competing in judo! This tournament is proof that when two organizations join forces, anything is possible! We look forward to continuing our collaboration next year at our 31st anniversary!