2023 World Judo Championships - Doha

2023 World Judo Championships - Doha

Eighteen athletes have been selected to represent Team USA in Doha, Qatar

The 2023 World Judo Championships will kick off on May 7th through the 13th in Doha, Qatar. This years squad is very experienced with 17 of the 18 judoka returning from past Senior World Championship teams. 

Team USA is highlighted by two Olympians leading this year's squad. Two-time Olympian Angie Delgado makes her return in the -52kg division for her 11th straight World Championships. Nina Cutro-Kelly became the oldest U.S. athlete to compete in the U.S. Olympic Judo team in 2021 at the age of 36. She makes her return to competition for the first time since the 2022 World Championships. Maria Laborde also highlights Team USA as she tops the Olympic Rankings for all U.S. athletes where she currently sits at 14th in the -48kg division. 

The U.S. squad also features a trio of judoka who are competing as juniors. Jack Yonezuka had a breakout season in 2022 becoming the first U.S. male in 30 years to medal at the Junior World Championships where he brought home the bronze medal at -73kg. Dominic Rodriguez also made history in 2022 as the youngest male to win gold at the Senior Pan American Championships in the -73kg division. Christian Konoval also reached the podium at Senior Pan Ams finishing with a bronze medal at +100kg.

Check out the full roster down below:

Women Judoka

-48kg - Maria Laborde

-52kg - Angelica Delgado

-57kg - Mariah Holguin, Tasha Cancela

-63kg - Hannah Martin, Sara Golden

-70kg - Chantal Wright

-78kg - Nicole Stout

+78kg - Nina Cutro-Kelly

Men Judoka

-66kg - Ari Berliner, Isaiah Ramirez

-73kg - Dominic Rodriguez, Jack Yonezuka

-81kg - Nicolas Yonezuka, Keli Berliner

-90kg - John Jayne

-100kg - L.A. Smith

+100kg - Christian Konoval

We are very excited to watch our U.S. Athletes put their judo to the test at the highest level. Good luck to each competitor and Team USA!

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