AJS In April

AJS In April

The American Judo System is here with another update on what you can expect this spring

March was a very exciting month for the American Judo System. It began with the release of the Juji Gatame Series and included five American Judo events! March concluded with the Project Gold Judo Camp in conjunction with Jimmy Pedro’s Judo Challenge at Saint John’s Prep in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Project Gold Judo Camp began on March 31st followed by Pedro’s Challenge on April 1st. Following the conclusion of Pedro’s Challenge, the Judoka headed over to Jimmy Pedro’s Judo Center in Wakefield, Massachusetts to finish out the Project Gold Camp!

Today, the American Judo System released a new newaza encyclopedia to the AJS subscribers. The Split the Legs provides AJS members with 30 minutes of content relating to finer details splitting the legs to move into your pinning position.

Check out the upcoming events from the American Judo System this April!

American Judo Tournaments:

As always the American Judo System will be hosting three live sessions for the month of April. These are amazing opportunities to gain valuable lessons from the greatest judo minds in the USA. Coaches and athletes, be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

April Live Sessions

Live Sessions:

  • April 16th - Exclusive coaches only live session with Steve Cohen
  • April 23rd - Live Session with Travis Stevens
  • April 23rd - Podcast style live session with Steve Cohen & Travis Stevens

The links and times for our American Judo Live Session will be distributed throughout the month as we get closer to their dates.

Coaches, be on the lookout for a Coaches letter coming to you this week with content directly related to Steve Cohen’s upcoming live session this weekend Sunday, April 16th at 12:00pm est. 

The American Judo System is happy to provide you with another update on what is happening for the month of April! Remember to mark your calendar with the dates above and continue to improve your judo with the American Judo System.

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