American Performance at Paris Grand Slam

Americans on Day 1

Sara Golden (-63kg) lost in the first round to Agathe Devitry (FRA) by an osoto-gari for ippon.

Mariah Holguin (-57kg) got a bye in the first round. She lost in the second round to Mina Libeer (BEL) by hansoku-make after receiving three shidos.

Katelyn Jarrell (-52kg) had a bye in the first round. For her second round, she fought Kelly Deguchi (CAN) who threw her with tani-otoshi for waza-ari. Later, Jarrell was given hansoku-make for attempting a waki-gatame.

Alejandro Menendez (-66kg) lost in the first round to Narmandakh Bayanmunkh (MGL) by waza-ari-awasete-ippon in the first round, through a counter and an uchimata by the Mongolia.

Ari Berliner (-66kg) lost in the first round to Severin Edmeier (GER) by waza-ari-awasete-ippon through ouchi-gaeshi and morote-seoi-nage by the German.

Americans on Day 2

Melissa Myers (-70kg) was countered for ippon by Hilde Jager (NED) in her first round match.

Nick Delpopolo (-81kg) lost his first round match to Tizie Gnamien (FRA) after he was thrown with a side-takedown for ippon.

John Jayne (-90kg) lost his first round match to Maxime-Gael Ngayap Hambou (FRA), who threw him with sumi-gaeshi for waza-ari in Golden Score.

Christian Konoval (+100kg) won his first round match against Clement Musumadi (COD) with a strangle for ippon. He had a walkover in his second round. He lost his quarterfinal match, against Cyrille Maret (FRA) when he was thrown for ippon with osoto-gari. He then lost his repechage match, against Jur Spijkers (NED), when he was strangled for ippon. He ended up 7th place.

Prior Gregory (+100kg) had a bye in the first round but lost his second round match, against Mbagnick Ndiaye (SEN) who threw him with a tewaza and then an osoto-gari for waza-ari-awasete-ippon.

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