What’s Happening In February

What’s Happening In February

Here is what you can expect for the month of February in the American Judo System

February will be a very busy month for the American Judo System, we will be hosting four tournaments throughout the month. American Judo tournaments will stretch as far wide as Lakewood, Washington and back to the east coast for tournaments in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Here is a complete list of the tournaments:

New Website Launch Coming Soon

American Judo System members can also expect the launch of our new website coming mid February. There are many new features to look out for including: 

      • New Customer Account Dashboard
      • New and improved video layout
      • Online Testing for coaches, refereeing, and belt promotions
      • New Video Search Feature

Live Sessions

The big event for February you will not want to miss out on are the three American Judo System live sessions. Live sessions are great opportunities to get together as a community and questions you have regarding Judo. The American Judo System will host three types of live sessions. 

Sessions Include: 

      • Feb 12th - Private Coaching Session with Steve Cohen
      • Feb 18th - Live Membership Only Session with Jimmy Pedro
      • Feb 26th -  Open Form Live with Steve Cohen & Travis Stevens

On February 7th, a coaches letter will be distributed detailing the outline for Steve Cohen’s live session for coaches on February 12th from 12:00 - 1:00 pm eastern time. 

The following week join Jimmy Pedro’s live session on February 18th @ 12:30pm eastern. Sensei Jimmy’s theme Perfecting Newaza for Competition: Transitions, Situations, and Attacking the Turtle. If you’re looking to improve your Newaza, remember to mark your calendar. 

To finish off the month of February, Steve Cohen and Travis Stevens will host the open format live session for anything and everything judo on February 26th @ 9:00pm eastern.

From the tournaments, to our live sessions, and to the launch of our new website, the American Judo System is super excited for a Judo packed February. Be sure to mark your calendar with the dates above and don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to improve your Judo!

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